What a whirlwind of Disney drama these week and we are here for it! Since the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s #1 song ‘Drivers License’ that she wrote about her heartbreak of ex Joshua Bassett and his new “blonde girl” Sabrina Carpenter, Sabrina has since fired back with release of her single ‘Skin’.

Now, fans wonder if Rodrigo has anything in response to the song that directly references the 17-year old “getting under her skin”. Fans were worried that she might be even more hurt or perhaps angry, but Olivia is far from it! In fact, she posted a story to her Instagram of her jamming out to Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It” from her Reputation album. Check it out:

It looks like Olivia is taking the high road by not fuelling more to the hot sipping tea! We will keep you updated on this juicy love-triangle.

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