They are very faithful even though you barely see them as they have a busy schedule most of the time. If you are their best or or one of their older friends, you might as well be included in the family celebrations as they see you as a brother or sister.

They will go out of their way for their friends but sometimes give advice that may not be the right kind of advice but totally convinced that they are right due to their stubbornness. They are generally really fun to be around so you will be entertained for sure.

They are one of the most playful signs so get ready for fun and lightheartedness all the way. Although during down times, they may tend to back away

They make amazing friends but also want you to themselves because being a friend is not good enough, they need to be your best friend. They don’t share a lot about themselves but that also make them great listeners.

As self-prioritizing Leos can be, they make amazing friends because they are supportive, loyal, and love to catch up on gossip. They are also independent so they don’t need to be attached to a friend at all times but a text or phone call here and there will do.

They are helpful and supportive friends who shows up at the right time. They have difficulty asking for help but when they do, don’t back out on them. They are also dependent so make sure to check up on them once in a while.

Friendships with Libras tend to be intense but also end quickly. That is because Libras feel that they are making fair judgements for both parties but forget to inform the other end on their intension which may leave friends on the other end confused.

Although they socialize with a wider range of people easily, they are selective when picking their close friends. They are not needy but that’s because they choose to be friends on their own terms so they need friends who are quickly able to adapt to their needs.

They are fun friends to be with as they are upbeat and don’t complain much but sometimes all that bottled up emotion needs to let loose so it is up to their friends to bring out those emotions which also means grounding them as they may be sometimes overly optimistic.

They don’t give emotionally to a lot of people, so if you are their friend, you are considered their best friend but they treat their friends very well.

Friendships to Aquarians are more of a idealistic need than a personal one. They don’t like to keep in contact with friends all the time, maybe once in a while but when you do keep in touch with them, they will update you, it will be quite entertaining.

They are very well aware of their friends’ emotions and can be counted on at your time of need. They don’t have a lot of friends but the ones they do have, are of quality.

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