Camila Cabello is a powerhouse. Although a relatively new solo artist, she has already some of the most iconic performances in music awards that is full of entertainment and an impressive vocal range. Here are her 10 best live singing moments:

10. Crying in the Club – 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Throwing it back to her first solo debut performance, she killed it showing an action-packed routine, proving that she deserves to shine individually.

9. Easy – Michael McIntyre’s Big Show 

Although simple, Camila stands tall simply showing off her wide-ranging vocals to this difficult to sing song.

8. Living Proof – The Ellen Show

Taking the lyrics “Like a choir singing, ‘Hallelujah'” literally, Camila takes a choir to sing backup for her, amplifying the various overlapping voices and instrumentals of this beautiful song.

7. Cry For Me – SNL

Camila takes her performance to another century by dressing up as a Victorian style damsel distressed over her lover in this rendition of her song Cry For Me.

6. My Oh My – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Putting on the costumes of a school girl, the routine turns surprisingly dark. Nevertheless, it is highly entertaining performance from the backup dancers, DaBaby’s rap, to Camila’s facial expressions!

5. First Man – 62nd GRAMMYs

Taking a step back from her usual upbeat songs, Camila surprises the audience by singing the ‘First Man’, dedicated to her father that had the crowd and her father tearing up. We just know how proud he must be of her!

4. Señorita – 2019 American Music Awards

This performance had less of a dramatic effect than Camila’s usual routines because it didn’t need one. Camila and boyfriend Shawn Mendes brought on the heat on their own! Plus their voices blended perfectly with each other. You couldn’t not watch!

3. Havana – 61st GRAMMYs

One of Camila’s biggest gigs, she made sure to do it right as she became the first Latina to open up music’s biggest night with a lively performance to her #1 song. It was fun, festive, and she even celebrated her culture by singing alongside icons Ricky Martin, Young Thug, J Balvin, and Arturo.

2. Living Proof – 2019 American Music Awards

Full of drama and surprises, this artistic routine was definitely intriguing to watch. Performing the song live for the first time, it was somewhat controversial but the story-telling aspect is genius. She is beautifully breaking barriers through displays of intimacy that turned fiery as the stage went from heaven to hell.

1. Havana – The Ellen Show

Filmed with just one take to her most iconic song, Camila proves that she can act as a 50s icon while simultaneously becoming one through this memorable performance.

What do you think was her best performance?

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